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Palm trees, salty hair, ocean breeze, clear skies, sunshine & sandy feet...

Hello holidays,

Good times and tan lines...

Our holiday in Mallorca was amazing! Just what we needed after a lot of stress with Lukas signing a new contract in Bordeaux, visiting the city, finding a new home and scheduling everything with the moving company.

We will be moving permanently to Bordeaux from the 15th of July. Much more about that on the blog later on!!

Today is celebrating day, my little brother Oliver (19) graduated after 3 hard years from Commercial/Business College. (Køge Handelsgymnasium). He finished with a very good result! Now his focus will be 100% on playing football, and it's gonna be amazing to follow his journey from now on.

A little sneak peak from our days in Bordeaux and our small getaway to Mallorca.

I think the pictures speaks for themselves!

I wish you all a great summer!

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